Garinger High School, Charlotte North Carolina

Wildcat Transfer Scholarships for GHS Grads at CPCC

The Garinger Education Foundation (GEF) Wildcat Transfer Scholarship program is for graduates of Garinger High School who attend Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) and are continuing their post-secondary education by transferring to a college in the University of North Carolina system to earn a 4-year degree. Experience tracking our GEF Scholars has demonstrated that an affordable, academically smart strategy to acquiring a 4-year degree for Garinger graduates is to start their college at CPCC. While attending CPCC, Garinger graduates are eligible for the GEF/CPCC Joint Scholarship Program. After earning an associate degree or professional certification or accruing reasonably priced credit hours toward their major, some of these students decide to take the next step up the educational ladder to earn a 4-year degree. To support these Garinger graduates, GEF offers Wildcat Transfer Scholarships of $2000/year for 2-3 years.


  • Recipients of Wildcat Transfer Scholarships are selected based on academic performance at CPCC, personal merit and experiences, and acceptance to a college in the University of North Carolina system as verified in the candidate’s GEF Wildcat Transfer Scholarship Application
  • Scholarships are awarded without regard to race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Scholarship recipients receive an email notification with detailed administration instruction


  • Garinger graduate who is attending CPCC and is in good academic standing
  • Complete and submit a GEF Wildcat Transfer Scholarship Application
  • Proof of acceptance at a college in the University of North Carolina system
  • Renewable for up to 2 additional years (for a maximum of 3 years) if recipient:
    – Maintains cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
    – Registers for a minimum of 12 hours per semester

Terms and Conditions:

  • GEF administers Wildcat Transfer Scholarships in full compliance with GEF scholarship guidelines.
  • All GEF scholarship funds are paid directly to the recipient’s college student account.
  • Each semester the scholarship recipient is required to provide verification that renewal criteria have been met.
  • GEF provides a scholarship liaison to facilitate communication between GEF and GEF Scholars and offer advice on college and career issues.
  • All GEF scholarships are contingent on availability funds.
  • GEF adheres to FERPA guidelines regarding protecting GEF Scholar personal information.

Garinger Grads at CPCC – CLICK HERE to apply for your GEF Wildcat Transfer Scholarship!