Garinger High School, Charlotte North Carolina

Board of Directors

The Foundation has a Board of 24 members, some are alumni and some are not. The most essential characteristic is that each person has demonstrated an interest in helping high poverty students, in volunteering time and making financial contributions. There are 4 Board meetings held at Garinger at noon. The majority of the work is completed in committees, which can meet at the discretion of the members. New members are added in November.

Experience in the following areas is most helpful: community/charity work; teaching or mentoring, serving on a non-profit organization board, marketing expertise, financial skills, computer expertise, fund-raising, technology, communication, event planning, administration, strategy development, financial, business/professional experience.

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View our Bylaws via this link.

Board of Directors:

Denver Andrews
Garinger Class of 1967

Joan (McCarty) Boardman
Garinger Class of 1964
GEF Board Secretary

Jack Brayboy
Garinger Class of 1976
GEF Board President

Sally (Rogers) Brown
Garinger Class of 1976

Wendel Evans
Dean of Students

Maggie Farrell

John Farrell

Janell Lewis Ford
Garinger Class of 2001

Brian Fulbright
Garinger Class of 1981

Cathy (Eddy) Fulbright
Garinger Class of 1981

Barbara Gaddy
Garinger Class of 1966
Chair, Development and Marketing Committee

Carol Glasshoff

Dr. Kelly Gwaltney
Principal, Garinger High School

Hamp Hager
Garinger Class of 1963
GEF Board Treasurer

Russell Hodge
Garinger Class of 1967

Susan (Henderson) Hooper
Garinger Class of 1963
Chairperson of the Board

Buddy Livingston
Garinger Class of 1964

Richard McKnight
Chair, Advisory Committee

Carol (Cross) Morris
Garinger Class of 1963
Chair, Teacher & Faculty Appreciation Committee

David Raye
Garinger Class of 1983
Assistant Treasurer

Bill Scott
Garinger Class of 1967
Chair, Facilities Comittee

Jane Suitt
Garinger Class of 1964
Chair, Scholarship Committee

Nzingha M. Williams

Danielle Witherspoon-Billups
Garinger Class of 2001