Garinger High School, Charlotte North Carolina

Vietnam Memorial

The Vietnam Memorial was dedicated on August 8, 2014 honoring 15 Garinger students who were killed in action in the Vietnam War.  It was rededicated May 22, 2016 with names of three newly-discovered sons of Central High School and Garinger High School: William Johnson, Steve Kerley and Dickie Pettit

We have Pavers available for purchase at the Vietnam Memorial.  This is a wonderful opportunity to honor a loved one, a favorite teacher, or friend.  All proceeds go to benefit the students and staff of Garinger High School.

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Robert Merrill Campbell
Born 8/8/48
Attended Garinger & North Meck, Graduated Olympic 1967
US Marine Corps, PFC
KIA South Vietnam 1/27/69

Archie Monroe Carlyle
Born 07/24/46
Attended Garinger 1961-63 (10th, 11th grade)
US Army, SP4
KIA South Vietnam 09/26/67

Donald Ray Chamblin Jr
Born 02/04/48
Attended Garinger 1963-65
(10th & 11th grade)
US Marines, SGT
KIA South Vietnam 3/08/68

Glenn Richard Cook “Cookie”
Born 09/10/45
Graduated Garinger 1963
US Air Force, CPT
KIA South Vietnam 10/21/69

Daryl Lee Davis
Born 07/05/46
Graduated Garinger 1964
US Air Force, A1C
KIA South Vietnam 11/30/67

Robert Lane Fallows
Born 06/02/48
Attended Garinger 1963-64
(10th grade) & West Meck
US Navy, EN3
KIA South Vietnam 2/26/70

Ronald Devone Griffin
Born 09/11/49
Attended Garinger 1966-68 (10th -12th grade)
US Army, PFC
KIA South Vietnam 4/21/68

Terry Alan Hodges
Born 09/21/46
Graduated Garinger 1964
US Army, SGT
KIA South Vietnam 8/19/68

William Samuel Irby “Sammy”
Born 02/12/49
Attended Garinger 1966-67 (10th grade)
US Army, SGT
KIA South Vietnam 8/8/68

William Allen Johnson
Born 04/13/41
Graduated Central High School 1958
KIA South Vietnam 10/26/66

Royd Steve Kerley, Jr.
Born 09/14/46
Graduated Garinger 1964
US Army, SP4
KIA South Vietnam 4/17/67

Ansel Wendell Morse
Born 03/29/50
Graduated Garinger 1968
US Marine Corps, CPL
KIA South Vietnam 6/08/70

George Michael Price
Graduated Garinger 1966
Born 09/29/47
US Marine Corps,
KIA South Vietnam 10/29/68

Robert Harold Pettit “Dickie”
Born 10/01/44
Attended Garinger 1963 (10th grade)
US Marines, CPL
KIA South Vietnam 4/5/67

Johnny Saxon
Born 08/12/50
Attended Garinger 1967-68 (10th grade)
US Army, CPL
KIA South Vietnam 4/18/71

Michael Ray Smith “Pinky”
Born 6/6/45
Graduated Garinger 1964
US Marine Corps, LCPL
KIA South Vietnam 5/13/67

James Randall Williams
Born 3/28/45
Attended Garinger 1961-62,
Graduated East Meck
US Air Force, SMS
KIA South Vietnam 12/29/67
(Casualty Date 6/24/77)

Fred Melvin Wrenn
Born 05/05/47
Graduated Garinger 1965
US Army, SP4
KIA South Vietnam 1/05/68