Garinger High School, Charlotte North Carolina

UNC Charlotte / Red Ventures / GEF/ Computing and Informatics Scholarship Partnership

The Scholarship Partnership

The Garinger Education Foundation (GEF) participates in a public-private partnership that provides high-performing Garinger High School (GHS) graduates with the funding needed to pursue their degrees at UNC Charlotte in the College of Computing & Informatics with little or no debt. Each year, four GHS graduates who participate in the Red Ventures Road to Hire program are eligible for these scholarships. UNC Charlotte administers GEF’s contribution to this collaborative program. The partners in this collaborative scholarship program and their annual contributions per student are as follows:

Partner Contribution
Garinger Education Foundation:
Drew Hager Memorial: $2,500 or
Lew Hooper Memorial & two other scholarships $2,000
Red Ventures Road to Hire $7,000
UNC College of Computing & Informatics Advisory Board $1,000
UNC Charlotte Grants: *
Federal PELL Grant $6,345
Tuition Assistance Grant $2,998
Federal Work Study (FWS) Program $4,000
Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant $1,000


Total collaborative scholarship funding per student may be as much as $24,843 per year or $99,372 over four years depending on their GEF scholarship award, the level of grant funding for which each recipient qualifies, and their chosen level of participation in the FWS program.*  When fully funded, each participant in this exciting new scholarship partnership should be able to graduate from UNC Charlotte without debt and with a valuable degree to start their careers in the growing field of computing and informatics.

This collaborative effort for the four GHS 2020 graduates awarded these scholarships may provide up to $100,000/year of support or about $400,000 over their undergraduate college careers.


The 2020 Scholarship Partnership Awards

The 2020 GHS graduates who received the scholarship awards from this partnership and their specific GEF scholarships are:

Madina Maingua – GEF Drew Hager Memorial Scholarship for $2,500.00/year
Teh Li Peh – GEF Wildcat-49er Scholarship for $2,000.00/year
Linda Tran – GEF Lewis Hooper Memorial Scholarship for $2,000.00/year
Cameron Twiggs – GEF Wildcat-49er Scholarship for $2,000.00/year

*The actual grant amounts awarded by UNC Charlotte may vary by student depending on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculated through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The Federal Work Study Program provides students the opportunity to earn a maximum of $4,000 per academic year through on-campus employment. Students are limited to working 20 hours/week and are paid the federal minimum wage. If a student chooses to work less than the hours available, they may not earn the full award allocation.