Garinger High School, Charlotte North Carolina

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2019 Celebrating  Five Years of Changing Lives One Scholarship at a Time

On August 24, 2019 the GEF celebrated five years of changing lives at Garinger High School. The celebration was held at Charlotte Country Club, and attended by Foundation Board members , invited guests, city and school leaders, and some of our 2019 college graduates. Brianna Geddis, pictured here with scholarship committee member Jane Suit, spoke about her college experience and expressed her gratitude for the GEF scholarship.

2018 College Graduates Banquet

North Carolina Central University graduate, Assanté Jones was the keynote speaker. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, he admits that the GEF scholarship provided him with an “opportunity of a lifetime” through the experiences he gained throughout college. He looks forward to “giving back” by becoming a donor to the Garinger Education Foundation himself. His ultimate goal is to open a Learning academy serving minorities.

View all the banquet photos in the Photo Gallery!

2018 Honors and Awards Days (May 2018)

The Garinger Education Foundation awarded the top 18 students in the Class of 2018 a KIA Award and bracelet in memory of one of the Garinger Students killed in action in the Vietnam War.

Fourteen Scholarships were awarded to grads headed to college in the fall.

Additional CPCC scholarships will be awarded in the fall, once eligibility has been verified.


End of the Year Teacher Luncheon (June 11, 2018)

The Garinger Education Foundation hosted a year-end teacher luncheon where Principal Dr. Kelly Gwaltney recognized outstanding, retiring and long-serving teachers. The Foundation gave each teacher a plant.

February Faculty Luncheon

On an early-release day in February the Foundation hosted a faculty luncheon to show our appreciation for the great work of our teachers. Foundation President, Jack Brayboy, captured the event with photos.  View all photos in the Photo Gallery!