Garinger High School, Charlotte North Carolina

2022 Scholarship Recipients

2022 GEF Scholarships Awarded and Administered by GEF


Recipient Scholarship Academic Institution
·        Melissa Andrade-Delgado Ed Sanders Central Piedmont Community College
·        Britanis Salazar Wildcat Naugatuck Valley Community College
·        Thi (Elly) Pham Robert Smith Memorial NC State
·        Kayla Vongphakdy Wildcat Central Piedmont Community College
·        Zaniya Skeen Wildcat Central Piedmont Community College
·        Paw (PawNi) Htoo James Edwards Memorial UNC-Chapel Hill
·        Janelle Harlan Wildcat NC Central
·        D’Niya Crenshaw Bob Elmore Memorial UNC-Greensboro
·        Johnson Busitu Wildcat Transfer UNC-Charlotte

2022 GEF Scholarships Awarded and Administered by UNC-Charlotte

Scholarships with an * are part of the UNCC + GEF + Road to Hire (R2H) scholarship collaboration that combines GEF scholarships, R2H tuition scholarships, UNCC scholarships, and FAFSA-based grants/financial aid allowing UNCC to offer each recipient an in-state, cost-of-attendance financial package for on-campus living with an average value of over $24,000/year.


Recipient Scholarship Academic Institution
·        Kavon O’Neal Drew Hager Memorial* UNC-Charlotte
·        KhuBeh Reh John Burnette Memorial * UNC-Charlotte
·        Jaxx Amidon Lewis Hooper Memorial * UNC-Charlotte
·        Masuoda Arab Wildcat Transfer UNC-Charlotte
·        Naw Hlaing Wildcat Transfer UNC-Charlotte