Garinger High School, Charlotte North Carolina

2022 UNC-Charlotte + Road to Hire + GEF Scholarship Partnership

For members of the Garinger High School (GHS) class of ’22 who are planning to attend UNC-Charlotte (UNCC), the Garinger Education Foundation (GEF) participates in a public-private partnership that provides the funding needed to pursue their degrees at UNCC with little or no debt. Each year, six GHS graduates who participate in the Road to Hire Pathways program while in high school and who have been accepted to UNCC are eligible to apply for these financial packages. UNCC administers the GEF contribution to this collaborative program.


The goal of the program is to offer each awardee a financial package that cover the full cost of in-state tuition with on-campus living and to eliminate the need for student loans. The UNCC Scholarship Office assembles cost-of-attendance financial packages including:

Actual grant amounts awarded by UNCC vary by recipient depending on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculated through the FAFSA. Also, although the Federal Work Study Program provides students the opportunity to earn up to of $4,000/academic year through a maximum of 20 hours/week on-campus employment, if a student chooses to work less than the maximum allowed, they may not earn the full award allocation.
For the 2021-2022 academic year at UNCC, the average cost of attendance for in-state students with room and board on campus is $23,716. The average award for each of the six 2021 awardees of this scholarship package is over $24,000! Currently, 9 GHS grads are pursuing degrees at UNCC in diverse fields including computer science, nursing, biology, and business with the support of these generous scholarship packages.


Selection notifications/financial package offers come from UNCC Scholarship Office and Road to Hire. Recipients must follow all the instructions provided with the offers to accept each component of the financial package.